Hockey Ball ‘Chakarvati’ HB07 Orange
Hockey Ball ‘Chakarvati’ HB07 Orange

Hockey Ball ‘Chakarvati’ HB07 Orange

Hockey Ball 'Chakarvati' HB07 Orange

Hockey Ball ‘Chakarvati’ HB07 Orange

Original price was: KSh 700.00.Current price is: KSh 580.00.

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Original price was: KSh 700.00.Current price is: KSh 580.00.

Soft PVC hockey ball
Available in standard  orange color.
Size: 2¾” Diameter

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Hockey Ball ‘Chakarvati’ HB07 Orange

An orange hockey ball is typically used for field hockey.

  • Brand: Chakarvarti
  • Model: HB07
  • Color: Orange

Here are some general details about an orange field hockey ball:

  1. Material: Field hockey balls are usually made of hard plastic or PVC material. They are designed to withstand impact and maintain their shape during gameplay.
  2. Size and Weight: Field hockey balls come in various sizes and weights depending on the level of play and regulations. A standard field hockey ball typically weighs between 5.5 to 5.75 ounces (156 to 163 grams). The circumference is usually around 8.75 to 9.25 inches (22.2 to 23.5 centimeters).
  3. Color: The International Hockey Federation (FIH) specifies that field hockey balls must be white or another color that contrasts with the playing surface. Orange is a commonly used color for field hockey balls, especially for matches played on green artificial turf or natural grass.
  4. Visibility: The bright orange color enhances the visibility of the ball against the green background of the playing field, making it easier for players to track during fast-paced gameplay.
  5. Durability: Field hockey balls are designed to be durable to withstand repeated impact from sticks and play on various surfaces without significant damage.
  6. Usage: Orange field hockey balls are used in matches, training sessions, and practice drills by field hockey players of all levels, from beginners to professionals.


While orange is uncommon for match balls, orange hockey balls are likely used for training purposes.



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