INGCO AT-HCC-CC50A Hydraulic Cable Cutter
INGCO AT-HCC-CC50A Hydraulic Cable Cutter
INGCO AT-HCC-CC50A Hydraulic Cable Cutter

INGCO AT-HCC-CC50A Hydraulic Cable Cutter

INGCO AT-HCC-CC50A Hydraulic Cable Cutter

INGCO AT-HCC-CC50A Hydraulic Cable Cutter

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Professional crimping tools offer unbeatable value and performance for every application!
This range features high quality drop forged crimpers and full ratchet mechanisms with controlled calibrator assembly to comply with ISO 9000 standard requirements.

The Hydraulic Cable Cutter is your powerful solution for cutting cables up to Ø45mm in diameter. With a cutting force of 12T, it ensures efficient and precise cutting performance. Please note that it’s not suitable for cutting steel-wired armoured cables. The tool comes conveniently packaged in a metal carry case, ensuring its protection and easy transport. When you need a reliable and powerful cable cutter for various cable types, trust this Hydraulic Cable Cutter to get the job done efficiently.

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INGCO AT-HCC-CC50A Hydraulic Cable Cutter

INGCO AT-HCC-CC50A Hydraulic Cable Cutters are used for cutting a variety of cables such as:

  • High-strength steel cables
  • Wire ropes
  • ACSR (Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced) cables
  • Underwater cables

They are tercih for these tasks due to their ability to generate much more cutting force than manual cutters, making them suitable for thick and tough cables.

How it Works

Hydraulic cable cutters use a hydraulic ram powered by a hydraulic pump to push a cutting blade against the cable. The pump can be manual (hand-operated) or powered by an electric motor or gasoline engine.

Here’s a general breakdown of the working principle:

  1. Pumping the Hydraulic System: The operator either manually pumps a lever or activates an electric/gasoline motor to create hydraulic pressure.
  2. Pressure Transfer: The generated pressure travels through hydraulic lines to a hydraulic cylinder.
  3. Ram Activation: The pressurized fluid forces a piston inside the cylinder to move, extending a ram.
  4. Blade Movement: The ram pushes a cutting blade attached to its end against the cable.
  5. Cable Cutting: The sharp blade shears the cable due to the immense force exerted by the ram.


Hydraulic cable cutters typically consist of the following components:

  • Hydraulic Pump: Manual or motorized pump that generates hydraulic pressure.
  • Hydraulic Reservoir: A tank that stores hydraulic fluid.
  • Hydraulic Lines: Hoses that carry the pressurized fluid.
  • Hydraulic Cylinder: A cylinder containing a piston that converts hydraulic pressure into mechanical force.
  • Ram: A rod attached to the piston that pushes the cutting blade.
  • Cutting Blade: A sharp blade designed to cut cables.
  • Control Valve: A valve that controls the flow of hydraulic fluid and the movement of the ram.
  • Frame: A sturdy frame that supports all the components.

Safety Precautions

Hydraulic cable cutters are powerful tools and it’s important to prioritize safety when using them. Here are some general safety precautions to consider:

  • Wear safety glasses and gloves: Protect your eyes from debris and your hands from cuts.
  • Ensure proper placement of the cable: Make sure the cable is positioned correctly in the designated cutting area of the tool.
  • Maintain a safe distance: Stand clear of the cutting area to avoid injuries from cable snapping or tool malfunctions.
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions: Always refer to the user manual for specific instructions and safety guidelines for the particular hydraulic cable cutter model you’re using.


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