INGCO CC-PR-RBR80-2-ROBEN Pavement Rammer
INGCO CC-PR-RBR80-2-ROBEN Pavement Rammer
INGCO CC-PR-RBR80-2-ROBEN Pavement Rammer

INGCO CC-PR-RBR80-2-ROBEN Pavement Rammer

INGCO CC-PR-RBR80-2-ROBEN Pavement Rammer

INGCO CC-PR-RBR80-2-ROBEN Pavement Rammer

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Model NO.

Product Description

The Pavement rammer is characterized by the adaptability to the bad- conditioned places, long performance lives and high reliability.
Compaction Depth: 40cm
Engine Type: Ingco
Model NO.

Centrifugal Force

Ramming Force
                                10 Kn
Jumping Height
                             40-65 mm
Advancing Speed
                     10-13 M/Min
Ramming Frequency
                      450-650 Times/Min
The product performance price ratio is high. The quality of this product is on a par with the international famous product of the same kind.
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INGCO CC-PR-RBR80-2-ROBEN Pavement Rammer

The CC-PR-RBR80-2-ROBEN  is  a  pavement rammer, also known as a jumping jack compactor or a vibratory plate compactor, is a construction machine used to compact soil, asphalt, and other materials by applying repeated blows to the surface. It is commonly used for compaction tasks in:

  • Road construction
  • Trench backfilling
  • Pipe bedding
  • Driveway and sidewalk installation
  • Landscaping applications


The main components of the pavement rammer typically include:

  • Engine: Provides power to the machine.
  • Base Plate: The flat plate that comes into direct contact with the material being compacted. The size of the base plate can vary depending on the model, with larger plates suited for bigger compaction areas.
  • Vibration System: Generates the vibratory force that compacts the material. This may consist of an eccentric weight or hydraulic system.
  • Handle: Used to control the movement of the rammer.
  • Water Tank : The model  has  a water tank and spray system to moisten the material being compacted, which can aid in the compaction process.

How it Works

  1. Engine Start: The operator starts the engine.
  2. Vibration Activation: The operator engages the vibration system using a switch or lever on the handle.
  3. Compaction Process: The operator guides the rammer back and forth over the material being compacted. The vibrating base plate delivers rapid blows to the material, forcing out air voids and densifying it.
  4. Water Spray : The model has a water tank, the operator may use the spray system to dampen the material periodically. This can help to prevent the material from sticking to the base plate and improve compaction efficiency.

Uses and Applications

The pavement rammer is versatile machines used for various compaction tasks. Here are some specific applications:

    • Subgrade Compaction: Preparing the base layer for roads, driveways, or other paved surfaces.
    • Trench Backfill Compaction: Compacting the soil backfilled into trenches for pipes, utilities, or drainage systems.
    • Asphalt Compaction: Compacting asphalt during the paving process to achieve a smooth, dense, and stable surface.
    • Landscaping Applications: Compacting soil for patios, walkways, gardens, or other landscaping features.
    • Around Obstacles: Due to their relatively small size and maneuverability, pavement rammers are well-suited for working in confined spaces or around obstacles


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