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Technical Specifications Features

  • Number of Poles 4-pole
  • ANDELI Rating Rated Voltage: 250-415V
  • Rated Current: 10-105A
  • Coil Voltage 220-415V AC
  • Auxiliary Contacts 2 auxiliary contacts
  • Mounting Type DIN rail mounting
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INGCO EE-ICE-ACC-CJX2-50008-ANDELI Contactor: Controls High-Power Electrical Loads

The INGCO EE-ICE-ACC-CJX2-50008-ANDELI contactor is an electromagnetically operated switch designed to control high-power electrical loads. It functions like a heavy-duty relay that can handle significantly more current than a standard electrical switch. Contactors are used in various applications to:

  • Control Electric Motors: Contactors are widely used to turn electric motors on and off. The contactor coil receives a control signal (typically low voltage) to activate the contactor, which then switches the high-current circuit to power the motor.
  • Control Lighting Circuits: In some cases, contactors can be used to control lighting circuits, especially for high-power applications.
  • Power Switching in Industrial Settings: Contactors are essential components in industrial control panels, enabling the switching of power to various equipment and machinery.

How Contactors Work:

  1. Control Coil: Contactors have a control coil that generates a magnetic field when energized with a control voltage.
  2. Main Contacts: The contactor has internal main contacts designed to handle high currents. These contacts open and close to control the power circuit.
  3. Electromagnetic Activation: When the control coil is energized, the magnetic field pulls in a metal armature, which causes the main contacts to close and complete the power circuit.
  4. De-energizing the Coil: De-energizing the control coil removes the magnetic field, causing the armature to release and the main contacts to open, thereby stopping the current flow in the power circuit.

Key Features of the INGCO EE-ICE-ACC-CJX2-50008-ANDELI Contactor:

  • Voltage Rating: 220V AC or 480V AC. This indicates the voltage the contactor can handle in its control circuit and main contacts.
  • Current Rating:  50 Amps or 100 Amps. This specifies the current the contactor can handle continuously without overheating.
  • Number of Poles: t can control four separate circuits simultaneously.
  • Coil Voltage: 24V DC or 120V AC.

Benefits of Using Contactors:

  • Safe Control of High Currents: Contactors provide a safe and reliable way to control high-power electrical loads, minimizing the risk of electrical hazards associated with manually switching high currents.
  • Remote Control Capability: Contactors can be controlled remotely using low-voltage signals, making them suitable for integration into control systems and building automation.
  • Durability: Contactors are designed for long-lasting performance and can endure frequent switching cycles.

Applications of the INGCO EE-ICE-ACC-CJX2-50008-ANDELI Contactor :

  • Motor Control in Industrial Equipment: This contactor can be used to control electric motors in various industrial applications, such as pumps, fans, and conveyor systems.
  • Building Automation Systems: In some cases, contactors can be integrated into building automation systems to control lighting, heating, and ventilation equipment.
  • Power Distribution and Control Panels: Contactors are essential components in power distribution and control panels for commercial and industrial applications.

Safety Notice:

  • Installation and maintenance of contactors should only be performed by qualified electricians familiar with high-voltage electrical systems. Always adhere to electrical safety regulations and lockout/tagout procedures when working with electrical circuits.


The information provided is for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as a substitute for professional advice or the manufacturer’s instructions. Consult a qualified electrician for installation and servicing of electrical contactors.

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