INGCO FS35028-SP-54 Finishing Sander- Base Pad
INGCO FS35028-SP-54 Finishing Sander- Base Pad

INGCO FS35028-SP-54 Finishing Sander- Base Pad

INGCO FS35028-SP-54 Finishing Sander- Base Pad

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Product Specification

Power Consumption 320w
Disc Diameter 180-90mm
Model Name/Number ifs18090
Sander Type finishing sander
No Load Speed 14000rpm
Material fibre body ,metal gear box
Usage/Application SANDING

Product Description

  • Voltage : 220V-240V~50/60Hz
  • Input power : 320W
  • No-load speed : 14000 rpm
  • Bottom base : 180mm x 90mm
  • Aluminum durable base
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INGCO FS35028-SP-54 Finishing Sander- Base Pad

The FS35028-SP-54 Finishing Sander- Base Pad is a power tool used for smoothing rough surfaces and applying a final finish to wood, metal, plastic, and other materials.


  • Smoothing furniture surfaces before painting or staining
  • Removing paint or varnish
  • Leveling uneven surfaces
  • Sanding between coats of paint or finish
  • Polishing surfaces to a high shine

How it Works

A finishing sander typically consists of a motor, a sanding base pad, and a sanding disc. The motor drives the sanding pad in an orbital or random orbital motion. The sanding disc is attached to the pad with a hook-and-loop fastener or a pressure clamp. As the pad moves, the sanding disc abrades the surface, removing material and smoothing it out.


  • Motor: The motor provides the power to drive the sanding pad. Finishing sanders typically have electric motors, but there are also air-powered models available.
  • Sanding Base Pad: The sanding base pad is the flat surface that the sanding disc attaches to. It distributes the pressure of the sander evenly over the workpiece and helps to create a smooth finish. Base pads can come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the sander model and application.
  • Sanding Disc: The sanding disc is a circular piece of abrasive material that does the actual sanding. Sanding discs come in a variety of grits, ranging from coarse (for removing material quickly) to fine (for polishing surfaces).
  • Dust Port: Many finishing sanders have a dust port that can be connected to a shop vacuum to collect dust particles as you sand. This helps to keep your work area clean and prevents dust from clogging the sanding disc.
  • Switch: The switch turns the sander on and off. Some sanders also have a variable speed control that allows you to adjust the speed of the sanding pad.
  • Handle: The handle provides a comfortable grip for controlling the sander.

Additional Notes

  • Finishing sanders come in a variety of sizes and styles. Some are palm-sized and ideal for small jobs, while others are larger and more powerful for tackling bigger projects.
  • When choosing a finishing sander, consider the type of material you will be sanding, the size of the project, and your budget.
  • It is important to always wear safety glasses and a dust mask when using a finishing sander.


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