Ingco HBPH88016 Ball Peen Hammer

Ingco HBPH88016 Ball Peen Hammer

Ingco HBPH88016 Ball Peen Hammer

Ingco HBPH88016 Ball Peen Hammer

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  • Ingco Item No : HBPH88024
  • Weight : 24oz/660g
  • Drop-forged hammerhead
  • Heat treatment, 45# carbon steel
  • INGCO Style Fiberglass handle
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Ingco HBPH88016 Ball Peen Hammer

The Ingco HBPH88016 Ball Peen Hammer is a versatile hammer designed for various metalworking and woodworking tasks.


  • Weight:
    • Typically 16 ounces (450 grams). This is a medium weight, making it suitable for various tasks that require a balance of control and power.
  • Double Head Design:
    • Ball Peen Head: This rounded end is ideal for shaping and riveting metal without damaging the surface.
    • Flat Face: The flat face can be used for general hammering tasks like driving nails or flattening surfaces.
  • Material:
    • Hammer Head: Presumably drop-forged carbon steel for strength and durability.
    • Handle: Likely made of fiberglass for a lightweight feel and shock absorption.


  • Versatility: The double-headed design makes it suitable for both metalworking (shaping, riveting) and woodworking (driving nails).
  • Durability: The drop-forged carbon steel head should withstand moderate to heavy use.
  • Controllable Weight: The 16-ounce weight provides a good balance between power and maneuverability.
  • Comfortable Grip: The fiberglass handle is likely designed for shock absorption and comfortable use.
  • Affordable: Ingco is generally considered a budget-friendly brand for tools.


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