Ingco HCG0112 Aluminum Caulking Gun

Ingco HCG0112 Aluminum Caulking Gun

Ingco HCG0112 Aluminum Caulking Gun

Ingco HCG0112 Aluminum Caulking Gun

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KSh 864.00

Brand Name : Ingco
Type of Product : Caulk Gun
Length : 12 inch
Color : Yellow
Material : Aluminum
Model No : HCG0112
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Ingco HCG0112 Aluminum Caulking Gun (HCG0112)

The Ingco HCG0112 Aluminum Caulking Gun appears to be a manual caulking gun designed for dispensing sealant or caulk for filling gaps, cracks, and joints. Here’s a breakdown of its features and what to consider before buying one:

Features (based on information found online):

  • Material: Aluminum – Lightweight and offers decent durability for applying caulk.
  • Length: 12 inches (305 millimeters) – Provides a comfortable grip for most caulking applications.
  • Diameter: 51 millimeters – Should accommodate most standard caulking tubes.
  • Plastic Adaptor: Likely included to reduce the force required to push the caulk from the tube.
  • Limited Feature Set (possible): Based on available information, this caulking gun might not have a rotating barrel or a ratcheting mechanism (confirmation needed from retailer descriptions).


  • Lightweight: Aluminum construction makes it easy to handle, especially for smaller jobs.
  • Portable: The 12-inch size is convenient to carry and store.
  • Affordable: Generally, caulking guns without additional features tend to be more budget-friendly.
  • Plastic Adaptor: May reduce the force required to push the caulk, improving control and reducing hand fatigue (check description for confirmation).

Things to Consider:

  • Manual Operation: Requires squeezing the handle to apply caulk, which can be tiring for large jobs.
  • Limited Size Capability: May not be suitable for very large caulking tubes.
  • No Flow Control (possible): Unless specified, this caulking gun might not have a mechanism to control the flow rate of caulk (check description for details).
  • Limited Maneuverability (possible): The absence of a rotating barrel might make it trickier to apply caulk at angles in tight spaces (check description for confirmation).
  • No Ratcheting Mechanism (possible): The lack of a ratcheting mechanism might require more hand movement for continuous application (check description for confirmation).

Finding More Information:

  • Retailer Websites: Search online retailers in Nairobi for “Ingco HCG0112 Aluminum Caulking Gun”. Descriptions often mention additional features and warranty information. User reviews can also be helpful for insights on performance and ease of use.
  • Ingco Website: Check the Ingco website’s hand tool section for information on the HCG0112 or similar models. They might have a product page with specifications and a user manual.


  • Ingco HCG0115 Aluminum Caulking Gun: This 15-inch model might be better suited for extended use due to its larger size and possible inclusion of a rotating barrel (refer to information about HCG0115 for details).
  • Electric Caulking Gun: For larger caulking jobs or if you want to reduce hand fatigue, an electric caulking gun can be a good option.
  • Caulking Gun with Flow Control: A caulking gun with a flow control mechanism allows for more precise application of caulk.


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