INGCO HHAS08450 Hand Saw 450mm
INGCO HHAS08450 Hand Saw 450mm

INGCO HHAS08450 Hand Saw 450mm

INGCO HHAS08450 Hand Saw 450mm

INGCO HHAS08450 Hand Saw 450mm

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length: 450mm

thickness: 0.9mm

7TPI With teeth protector

Heat treatment

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INGCO HHAS08450 Hand Saw 450mm(HHAS08450)

product details:

The HHAS08450 is likely an 18-inch hand saw manufactured by INGCO, based on the naming convention (HHAS) and common hand saw sizing (18 inches translates to 450 millimeters). Here’s a breakdown of the potential features and uses:


  • Type: Hand Saw (without further information, it’s difficult to specify the exact subtype)
  • Size: 18 inches (450 millimeters) – This refers to the length of the cutting blade.
  • Possible Subtypes:
    • Rip Saw: Designed for cutting with the grain (faster cuts, fewer, larger teeth with shallower angle).
    • Crosscut Saw: Designed for cutting across the grain (cleaner cuts, more numerous, finer teeth with higher angle).
    • Combination Saw: May have features of both rip and crosscut saws for moderate performance in both applications.
  • Material : The blade material is likely high-carbon steel for strength and durability.
  • Handle: The handle material could be plastic, wood, or metal. A comfortable grip is important for ease of use.
  • Tang: The tang is the metal part of the blade that extends into the handle for secure attachment.
  • Teeth: Some information suggests 7 TPI (teeth per inch). A lower tooth count (fewer teeth per inch) is more common for rip saws.
  • Heat Treatment: Some INGCO hand saws advertise “heat treatment teeth” for improved durability and sharpness. It’s possible the HHAS08450 has heat-treated teeth.
  • Teeth Protector : Some online retailers mention a “teeth protector” included with the HHAS08450. This could be a plastic sheath to safeguard the teeth during storage or transport.

Typical Uses:

  • Cutting lumber for various projects :
    • Rip saw: Cutting boards or planks along the grain for length (suitable for moderately thick lumber).
    • Crosscut saw: Cutting boards or planks across the grain for width or trimming (may struggle with very thick lumber).
    • Combination saw: Moderate performance for both rip and cross cuts, but may not excel at either.
  • General sawing tasks around the house or workshop: Trimming wood for projects, cutting firewood
  • Pruning branches or small trees


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