INGCO HHAST12091 1/2″ Hexagonal Socket 9mm

INGCO HHAST12091 1/2" Hexagonal Socket 9mm

INGCO HHAST12091 1/2″ Hexagonal Socket 9mm

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  • Brand Name : Ingco
  • Type of Product : Hexagonal Socket
  • Material : 50BV30
  • Model No : HHAST12091
  • Size : 9 mm
  • Heat treatment
  • Black nickel plated
  • Packed by plastic hanger
  • Power Source : Hand
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INGCO HHAST12091 1/2″ Hexagonal Socket 9mm(HHAST12091)

product details:

The HHAST12091 is likely a 1/2-inch drive hexagonal socket sized 9mm, manufactured by INGCO. Here’s a detailed breakdown of its features and potential uses:


  • Drive Size: 1/2-inch – This is the most common size for ratchets and impact wrenches used for general purposes. The square-shaped hole at the top of the socket fits onto a matching drive tang on these tools.
  • Standard Socket : While not explicitly stated in the model name, the absence of “deep” suggests this is a standard socket. Standard sockets have a shallower depth than deep sockets.
  • Hexagonal (6-Point) Socket: This is the most common socket design, featuring six flat sides that fit onto the hex-shaped head of a nut or bolt for secure gripping.
  • Size: 9mm – This indicates the diameter of the nut or bolt head that the socket can fit.
  • Material :¬†Chrome Molybdenum (Cr-Mo) steel is a common high-strength steel likely used for this socket. Cr-Mo offers durability and resistance to bending or cracking under high torque loads applied by power tools.
  • Black Oxide Finish: A black oxide finish is often applied to sockets to improve corrosion resistance and provide a better grip during use.


  • Universal Hexagonal Design: The 6-point design ensures compatibility with most standard hex-shaped nuts and bolts.
  • Strong and Durable : The Cr-Mo steel construction (if applicable) makes this socket suitable for general power tool use.
  • Compact Design : Easier to use in tight spaces where a deep socket might not fit.
  • Corrosion Resistance: The black oxide finish (if present) helps protect the socket from rust and corrosion.

Typical Uses:

  • Automotive Repair: Removing and tightening nuts on various smaller components in engine bays, body panels, or other applications where deep sockets aren’t required due to ample clearance. Examples include nuts on some sensors, switches, or easily accessible brackets.
  • Machinery Repair and Maintenance: Loosening or tightening nuts on bolts in various machinery and equipment, especially when the nuts are flush or slightly recessed and readily accessible.
  • Construction: Tightening and loosening nuts on readily accessible components


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