INGCO HHAST12103L 1/2″ Deep Hexagonal Socket 10mm

INGCO HHAST12103L 1/2" Deep Hexagonal Socket 10mm

INGCO HHAST12103L 1/2″ Deep Hexagonal Socket 10mm

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.Deep Hexagonal socket Industrial HHAST12103L .

.1/2\” Deep Dr.6pt.socket,10MM

treatment, black nickel plated

.Packed by plastic hanger

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INGCO HHAST12103L 1/2″ Deep Hexagonal Socket 10mm( HHAST12103L)

product details:

The HHAST12103L is likely a 1/2-inch drive deep hexagonal socket sized 10mm, manufactured by INGCO. Here’s a breakdown of its features and potential uses:


  • Drive Size: 1/2-inch – This is the most common size for ratchets and impact wrenches used for general purposes. The square-shaped hole at the top of the socket fits onto a matching drive tang on these tools.
  • Deep Socket: This design has a deeper wall compared to a standard socket. It allows you to reach past obstructions like nuts on long bolts or threaded rods, providing better access for tightening or loosening.
  • Hexagonal (6-Point) Socket: This is the most common socket design, featuring six flat sides that fit onto the hex-shaped head of a nut or bolt for secure gripping.
  • Size: 10mm – This indicates the diameter of the nut or bolt head that the socket can fit.
  • Material : Chrome Molybdenum (Cr-Mo) steel is a common high-strength steel likely used for this socket. Cr-Mo offers durability and resistance to bending or cracking under high torque loads applied by power tools.
  • Black Oxide Finish : A black oxide finish is often applied to sockets to improve corrosion resistance and provide a better grip during use.


  • Reaches Deep Nuts: The deep socket design allows you to access and turn nuts recessed within an assembly or on bolts with long threads.
  • Strong and Durable: The Cr-Mo steel construction (if applicable) makes this socket suitable for heavy-duty use with power tools.
  • Universal Hexagonal Design: The 6-point design ensures compatibility with most standard hex-shaped nuts and bolts.
  • Corrosion Resistance: The black oxide finish (if present) helps protect the socket from rust and corrosion.

Typical Uses:

  • Automotive Repair: Removing and tightening lug nuts (depending on vehicle and socket depth), nuts on axle components, and other applications where deep sockets are required for tight spaces or long bolts.
  • Machinery Repair and Maintenance: Loosening or tightening nuts on bolts in various machinery and equipment, especially when the nuts are recessed or have long threaded rods in tight spaces.
  • Construction: Tightening and loosening nuts on specific components like electrical panels or some structural components


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