INGCO HHCT01240 Hydraulic Crimping Tool 70kn
INGCO HHCT01240 Hydraulic Crimping Tool 70kn

INGCO HHCT01240 Hydraulic Crimping Tool 70kn

INGCO HHCT01240 Hydraulic Crimping Tool 70kn

INGCO HHCT01240 Hydraulic Crimping Tool 70kn

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Crimping range :Cu

16- 240mm2

Crimping force: 70kN

Crimping type: hexagon


Stroke: 18mm

Length: approx.475mm

Weight: approx.3.6kg

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INGCO HHCT01240 Hydraulic Crimping Tool 70kn(HHCT01240 )

product details:

The HHCT01240 Hydraulic Crimping Tool is a heavy-duty tool designed for crimping electrical connectors, lugs, and terminals onto wires and cables. Here’s a detailed breakdown of its possible features and benefits:


  • Hydraulic Operation: This tool utilizes a hydraulic mechanism to generate high crimping force. With a 70kN (kilonewtons) capacity, it can handle more demanding crimping tasks compared to lower-rated tools.
  • 70kN Crimping Capacity: This indicates the maximum force the tool can exert to crimp connectors. A higher capacity like 70kN suggests it can handle larger connectors and thicker cables than a 40kN tool. Refer to manufacturer specifications for exact compatible wire sizes and connector types.
  • Interchangeable Die Sets (Possible): The tool likely uses interchangeable die sets that match the specific type and size of connector you need to crimp. These die sets are typically sold separately.
  • Pressure Relief Valve (Possible): A safety feature that may be included to prevent the tool exceeding its maximum pressure limit, protecting the tool from damage.
  • Carrying Case (Possible): The HHCT01240 might come with a carrying case for convenient storage and portability of the tool and potentially some die sets.


  • Effortless and Powerful Crimping: The hydraulic mechanism allows for crimping even larger connectors with minimal hand force compared to manual crimping tools. The 70kN capacity provides the power for heavy-duty crimping applications.
  • Consistent and Reliable Crimps: The hydraulic operation helps ensure consistent and reliable crimping results, reducing the risk of loose or faulty connections that could lead to electrical issues.
  • Versatility (with different die sets): By using compatible die sets (likely sold separately), the tool can handle a wider range of connector types and sizes, accommodating various electrical projects.
  • Safety (if applicable): A pressure relief valve can help prevent overloading and potential damage to the tool during use.

Typical Uses:

  • Industrial Electrical Work: Crimping large connectors for power distribution panels, heavy-duty machinery, and other industrial applications where secure and reliable connections are crucial.
  • Solar Power Installations: Crimping connectors for solar cables and other components in solar panel systems.
  • Marine Electrical Work: Crimping connectors for wiring systems in boats and other marine applications, where connections need to withstand harsh environments.


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