Ingco HICP01180 Insulated Combination Pliers 7″

Ingco HICP01180 Insulated Combination Pliers 7"

Ingco HICP01180 Insulated Combination Pliers 7″

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Black finish,insulated handle
Stand high pressure,1000V
100% Tested
Packed by sliding card

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Ingco HICP01180 Insulated Combination Pliers 7″

The Ingco HICP01180 is a 7-inch insulated combination pliers designed for electrical work. Here’s a breakdown of its features and potential benefits:


  • Size: 7 inches (180 millimeters) – This compact size is suitable for working in tight spaces and with smaller wires.
  • Material:
    • Body: Likely made of high-quality carbon steel for strength and durability.
    • Insulation: Presumably constructed from high-voltage rated plastic for electrical insulation.
  • Jaw Design: Combines a cutting edge for wires and a gripping surface for nuts and bolts.
  • Safety Rating: 1000V (if certified) – This indicates the pliers are rated for use with live electrical wires up to 1000 volts, provided they meet the required certifications (see below).


  • Versatility: The combination jaw design allows for gripping, cutting, and basic crimping tasks.
  • Compact Size: The 7-inch size is ideal for working in confined areas or with intricate electrical work.
  • Electrical Insulation: The insulated design can help protect you from electric shock when working with live wires (up to 1000V if certified).

Important Safety Considerations:

  • Voltage Rating: Always double-check the voltage rating of the specific pliers you purchase. While some information suggests a 1000V rating, it’s crucial to confirm this and ensure the pliers meet the required safety certifications, like IEC 60900. Using pliers with an inadequate voltage rating for the job can be extremely dangerous.
  • Visual Inspection: Before using the pliers, inspect for any damage to the insulation. Cracks, tears, or other defects can compromise the electrical safety.
  • Not a Substitute for Proper Training: Even with insulated tools, working with live electricity should only be done by qualified electricians who follow proper safety procedures.


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