Ingco HIT010381 Infrared Thermometer
Ingco HIT 015501 Digital Infrared Thermometer Scanner

Ingco HIT010381 Infrared Thermometer

Ingco HIT 015501 Digital Infrared Thermometer Scanner

Ingco HIT010381 Infrared Thermometer

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Human body mode:32 C 42 9 C
89 6 F 109 2 F
Accuracy: 0 3 ambient temperature 18 25
Response time 1 second
Color display screen
D:S 12:1
Auto power off
Back light
Temperature upper / lower limit alarm Red
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Ingco HIT010381 Infrared Thermometer

The Ingco HIT010381 is a non-contact infrared thermometer designed for measuring human body temperature and surface temperatures. Here’s a breakdown of its features and potential uses:


  • Non-contact measurement: Measures temperature without physically touching the object or person, minimizing the risk of contamination.
  • Human body mode: Specifically designed to measure human body temperature, typically from the forehead. Its range is suitable for detecting elevated body temperature associated with fever (32°C to 42.9°C or 89.6°F to 109.2°F).
  • Surface temperature measurement: Can also be used to measure the surface temperature of various objects within its operating range.
  • Accuracy: Accuracy of ±0.3°C within a specific ambient temperature range (often 18°C to 25°C).
  • Response time: Fast response time of 1 second.
  • Additional features:
    • Color display screen for easy reading.
    • D:S ratio of 12:1 (distance to spot size). This means that the thermometer can measure a relatively small area from a farther distance.
    • Auto power off function.
    • Backlight for better visibility in low-light conditions.
    • Temperature upper/lower limit alarm (red indicator).

Potential Uses:

  • Body temperature screening: For quick and non-invasive body temperature checks, although it is not a substitute for professional medical diagnosis.
  • Monitoring surface temperatures: Useful in various applications like cooking, industrial settings, automotive repair, or checking for potential heat leaks.

Important Considerations:

  • Accuracy: While the Ingco HIT010381 claims a certain level of accuracy, it’s crucial to remember that infrared thermometers are not always medical-grade instruments and may have some variations in readings compared to clinical thermometers.
  • Non-medical use: The manufacturer often emphasizes that this thermometer is not intended for medical diagnosis and should be used for general body temperature monitoring or surface temperature measurements.
  • Environmental factors: Accuracy can be affected by factors like ambient temperature and distance to the target.


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