INGCO HRHT042301- Cylinder Brush Inner Wall 9″

INGCO HRHT042301- Cylinder Brush Inner Wall 9"

INGCO HRHT042301- Cylinder Brush Inner Wall 9″

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  • Ingco tools 9inches(100mm) Mini Cylinder Brush Paint Roller (Inner Wall)
  • Material: micro fiber
  • Size: 100mm / 9″
  • Suitable for inner wall
  • central shank
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INGCO HRHT042301- Cylinder Brush Inner Wall 9″

Conquer Those Tough Inner Corners: The INGCO HRHT042301 Mini Cylinder Brush – Inner Wall Painting Made Easy

Ever wrestled with painting those tricky inner corners and tight spaces? Longing for a tool that maneuvers seamlessly and delivers a smooth, flawless finish? The INGCO HRHT042301 Cylinder Brush – Inner Wall is your answer!

This innovative painting essential isn’t your average brush. Designed specifically for tackling those hard-to-reach areas, the HRHT042301 boasts features that revolutionize your inner wall painting experience:

  • Compact Maneuverability: The miniaturized size allows for exceptional control and easy navigation around obstacles, trim, and corners. Reach those tight spaces with confidence and paint with precision!
  • Efficient Coverage: Despite its compact size, the brush boasts a dense and effective 12mm fiber height, ensuring efficient paint application and smooth coverage in a single pass.
  • Seamless Compatibility:¬† features a standard¬† central shank, making it compatible with most commercially available paint roller handles. Simply attach it to your existing handle and start painting!
  • Durable Construction: Made with high-quality acrylic material, the brush is built to last. The fibers retain their shape and effectiveness throughout your painting project, delivering consistent results.

Unlock a World of Effortless Inner Wall Painting:

  • Effortlessly reach and paint those previously inaccessible corners and tight spaces with the miniaturized design.
  • Experience smooth, even coverage in a single pass thanks to the dense and effective brush fibers.
  • Enjoy seamless compatibility with most paint roller handles for a quick and convenient setup.
  • Invest in a durable brush built to withstand the demands of your painting project.

Stop struggling with awkward angles and uneven application!

Embrace the control and efficiency of the INGCO HRHT042301 Mini Cylinder Brush – Inner Wall.

Order yours today and paint those inner walls with confidence!


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