Ingco HSL18040 – Spirit Level
Ingco HSL18040 – Spirit Level

Ingco HSL18040 – Spirit Level

Ingco HSL18040 – Spirit Level

Ingco HSL18040 – Spirit Level

KSh 367.00

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KSh 367.00

  • Brand Name : Ingco
  • Model Name : Spirit Level
  • Model No : HSL18040
  • Material : Mixed Materials
  • Color : Multi
  • Item Dimensions : 40 x 4.1 x 4.6 centimeters
  • Item Weight : 230 Grams
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Ingco HSL18040 – Spirit Level

You’ve got the right idea about the Ingco HSL18040 spirit level! Here’s a summary of its key features:

  • Compact size: At 40cm, it’s perfect for small tasks and tight spaces. Easy to store and carry around.
  • Leveling accuracy: It likely has two vials: one for horizontal and one for vertical leveling, ensuring straight lines and flat surfaces.
  • Material: Likely made from lightweight aluminum for portability and durability, although some retailers might not explicitly mention this.
  • Design: While specifics are limited, some retailers mention a unique Ingco design, possibly indicating a comfortable grip for better handling.

Here’s how the HSL18040 stacks up against its bigger siblings:

  • HSL18060: Slightly larger (60cm) for checking longer surfaces.
  • HSL18080: Significantly larger (80cm) for professional use or very long surfaces. Might boast higher accuracy as well.

Choosing the right Ingco spirit level:

  • Project size: If you’re working on small shelves or picture frames, the HSL18040 is perfect. For bigger projects like countertops or decks, consider the HSL18060 or HSL18080.
  • Accuracy needs: High-precision tasks might require a professional-grade level. For everyday DIY projects, the HSL18040 should suffice.

Additional considerations:

  • Double-check retailer descriptions to confirm the exact number of vials (2 or 3) depending on your leveling needs.
  • Ingco offers good quality at a budget-friendly price. Professional contractors might prefer higher-end spirit levels with guaranteed precision.

Overall, the Ingco HSL18040 is a great choice for basic leveling tasks around the house or workshop due to its compact size and portability. If you need a level for larger projects or require higher precision, consider the HSL18060 or HSL18080.


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