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re [HTC03900] HTC03900 TILE CUTTER 900MM 2 (1)
re [HTC03900] HTC03900 TILE CUTTER 900MM (1)

INGCO HTC03900- Tile Cutter (900mm)

INGCO HTC03900 Tile Cutter (900mm)

INGCO HTC03900- Tile Cutter (900mm)

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 INGCO HTC03900- Tile Cutter (900mm)

Execute Precise Tile Cuts with the INGCO HTC03900 Tile Cutter (900mm)

The INGCO HTC03900 Tile Cutter (900mm) empowers you to achieve professional-looking tilework with clean and accurate cuts. This user-friendly tile cutter boasts a 900mm (approximately 35.4 inches) cutting capacity, ideal for handling a wide range of tile sizes for your flooring and wall tiling projects.

Designed for Accurate and Efficient Cutting:

  • Large Cutting Capacity (900mm): The generous 900mm cutting length allows you to tackle large format tiles efficiently, minimizing the need for scoring and snapping smaller tiles to fit. This ensures a faster workflow and reduces potential for chipped or broken tiles during cutting.
  • Durable Scoring Wheel: The HTC03900  incorporates a robust scoring wheel that effectively creates a clean line on the tile surface. This score line serves as a guide for a precise and controlled break along the desired cutting path.
  • Adjustable Cutting Angle: The tile cutter features an adjustable cutting table that allows you to set angles for diagonal cuts. This functionality is essential for creating clean mitered edges for corners or intricate tile patterns.
  • Stable Base (depending on model): A sturdy steel or plastic base provides a stable platform for accurate cutting. This is particularly important when working with larger or heavier tiles.

User-Friendly Features for Comfort and Control:

  • Ergonomic Handle: A comfortable handle design provides a secure grip and reduces hand fatigue during extended cutting sessions.
  • Easy-to-Use Clamp: The tile cutter  includes a clamp to secure the tile in place during the cutting process. This ensures the tile remains stationary for a clean and controlled cut.

Applications for the INGCO HTC03900 Tile Cutter (900mm):

  • Flooring and Wall Tiling Projects: The large cutting capacity and functionality of the HTC03900 make it suitable for various tiling applications, from bathroom and kitchen floors to wall tile installations.
  • Ceramic, Porcelain, and Stoneware Tiles: This tile cutter is  designed to handle ceramic, porcelain, and stoneware tiles, common materials used in residential and commercial tiling projects.

The INGCO HTC03900 Tile Cutter (900mm) is a valuable tool for DIY enthusiasts and professional tilers alike. Its large cutting capacity, user-friendly features, and durable construction make it a practical choice for achieving clean and precise tile cuts in various flooring and wall tiling projects.

Order your INGCO HTC03900 Tile Cutter (900mm) today and experience the cutting efficiency and precision it offers for creating beautiful and professional-looking tilework!



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