Ingco HTSN0112S Aviation Snip

Ingco HTSN0112S Aviation Snip

Ingco HTSN0112S Aviation Snip

Ingco HTSN0112S Aviation Snip

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KSh 831.00

  • Ingco Tools HTSN0112S 12″ Long Straight Aviation Snip
  • Model: HTSN0112S
  • Aviation snip (straight)
  • Length: 300mm (12″)
  • Ingco tools style two tone soft handle
  • Cutting plastic or rubber or 0.5mm brass wire net
  • Heavy duty
  • High quality

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Ingco HTSN0112S Aviation Snip (HTSN0112S)

The Ingco HTSN0112S Aviation Snip appears to be a hand-operated tool designed for cutting sheet metal. Here’s a breakdown of its features and what to consider before buying one:

Possible Features 

  • Material:
    • High-carbon steel (possible for blades) – Offering a good balance of hardness and sharpness for cutting sheet metal (confirmation needed from retailer descriptions or Ingco website).
  • Length: 12 inches (300 millimeters) – A comfortable size for handling and making various cuts.
  • Cutting Capacity (possible):
    • Mild steel: Up to 0.8 mm (confirmation needed from retailer descriptions).
    • Stainless steel: Up to 0.5 mm (confirmation needed from retailer descriptions).
  • Geared Design (possible): A gear mechanism may multiply cutting force for effortless cutting through thicker materials (confirmation needed from retailer descriptions).
  • Compound Leverage System (possible): This system could further increase cutting force and reduce hand fatigue (confirmation needed from retailer descriptions).
  • Rotatable Head (possible): A rotating head allows for cutting at various angles and making intricate cuts (confirmation needed from retailer descriptions).
  • Spring-loaded Handles (possible): Can help with ease of use by automatically opening the snips after each cut (confirmation needed from retailer descriptions).


  • Versatility (possible): The combination of a rotating head (if included) and good cutting capacity allows for straight, curved, and intricate cuts in sheet metal.
  • Effortless Cutting (possible): Geared design and compound leverage system (if included) can make cutting easier, especially in thicker materials.
  • Spring-loaded Handles (possible benefit): Improves user comfort and reduces fatigue by automatically opening the snips after each cut (check description for confirmation).
  • Sharp Blades (possible): High-carbon steel blades (if included) should stay sharp for clean cuts (check description for confirmation).

Things to Consider:

  • Manual Operation: Requires squeezing the handles to cut, which can be tiring for extended use.
  • Limited Cutting Capacity (possible): While it might handle thicker materials than tin snips, it still has limitations. Refer to the cutting capacity specifications (check description for confirmation).
  • Cost (possible): Aviation snips tend to be more expensive than tin snips due to their additional features.

Finding More Information:

  • Retailer Websites: Search online retailers in Nairobi for “Ingco HTSN0112S Aviation Snip“. Descriptions often mention the presence of a gear mechanism, compound leverage system, rotating head, spring-loaded handles, and warranty information. User reviews can also be helpful for insights on performance and ease of use.
  • Ingco Website: Check the Ingco website’s hand tool section for information on the HTSN0112S or similar models. They might have a product page with specifications and a user manual.


    • Ingco HTS0412 Tin Snip: A more affordable option for straight cuts or slight curves in thin sheet metal.
    • Power Sheet Metal Shears: For frequent use or very thick sheet metal, power shears can save time and effort.


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