[HWDS4206321] HWDS4206321 DRWALL SCREW 4.2x63mm 2
re [HWDS4206321] HWDS4206321 DRWALL SCREW 4.2x63mm 3 (1)
[HWDS4205111] HWDS4205111 DRWALL SCREW 4.2x51mm

INGCO HWDS3502511- Drywall Screws

[HWDS4206321] HWDS4206321 DRWALL SCREW 4.2x63mm

INGCO HWDS3502511- Drywall Screws

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  • Brand: INGCO
  • Fastener Type: Screws
  • Fastener Head Style: PHILLIPS
  • Fastener Surface Type: Drywall
  • Fastener Length (mm): 25
  • Model: HWDS3502511
  • ST3.5x25mm
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INGCO HWDS3502511 Drywall Screws

Secure Your Walls with Confidence: INGCO HWDS3502511 Drywall Screws (3.5x25mm)

Tame your next drywall installation project with the INGCO HWDS3502511 Drywall Screws. These reliable screws are specifically designed to fasten drywall panels securely to walls and ceilings, ensuring a smooth and professional finish for your renovation or construction project.

Built for Stability and Efficiency:

  • Reliable Holding Power: The 3.5mm x 25mm size makes these screws ideal for most common drywall applications. The fine thread pattern provides superior grip within the drywall panel without damaging the paper facing, preventing unsightly bumps or imperfections on the finished wall surface. This ensures a strong and lasting hold, keeping your drywall securely fastened for years to come.
  • Fast and Easy Installation: The Phillips drive head allows for quick and effortless screw driving using a standard Phillips screwdriver or drill/driver with a Phillips bit. This facilitates a smooth workflow, saving you time and frustration during drywall installation.
  • Reduced Installation Hassle: The sharp point of the screw penetrates the drywall panel with ease, minimizing the need for pre-drilled holes in most cases (especially with standard drywall thicknesses). This eliminates an extra step in the installation process, further improving efficiency.
  • Durable Construction: INGCO drywall screws are typically manufactured from high-quality steel, ensuring they resist bending or snapping during installation. They might also feature a phosphate coating for enhanced corrosion resistance, protecting against rust and ensuring long-lasting performance.

Invest in a Smooth Finish:

Using the right drywall screws plays a crucial role in achieving a flawless final result. INGCO HWDS3502511 Drywall Screws provide the strength and ease of use needed to create a professional-looking wall surface, free of imperfections caused by loose or damaged screws.

Upgrade your drywall project with the reliable fastening power of INGCO HWDS3502511 Drywall Screws!

Order  today and experience a faster, smoother, and more efficient drywall installation process!


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