INGCO MX218008-SP-23 Mixer- Gear
INGCO MX218008-SP-23 Mixer- Gear
INGCO MX218008-SP-23 Mixer- Gear

INGCO MX218008-SP-23 Mixer- Gear

INGCO MX218008-SP-23 Mixer- Gear

INGCO MX218008-SP-23 Mixer- Gear

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Product Description

  • Ingco electric mixer is indeed a smart replacement for your small hand tools.
  • Optimally-Positioned Variable Speed Dial.
  • Steel Frame Integrated with the Handle.
  • 0-Voltage Restart Protection and Overload Protection.
  • It is used for stirring the operation of paints, coatings, and other similar materials under normal circumstances.
  • Easy-to-Operate soft-grip handle.
  • Steel frame Integrated with the handle.
  • Ingco mixer has a space saving design.
  • It is the best powerfull mixer for large use.
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INGCO MX218008-SP-23 Mixer- Gear

The MX218008-SP-23 Mixer- Gear also commonly referred to as a paint stirrer or agitator, is a tool used to thoroughly mix paint before application. Pigments, resins, and other components tend to separate during storage, and proper mixing ensures a uniform consistency, color, and finish. Paint mixers come in various forms to suit different needs and project sizes.

Here’s a detailed description of a common type of paint mixer gear – the drill-attached paint mixer:


  • Mixing head: This is the part that goes into the paint can. It’s usually a cage-like structure with multiple prongs or a flat disc.
  • Shank: This is the long metal rod that connects the mixing head to the drill chuck.
  • Universal joint: This allows the mixing head to flex and tilt at an angle, following the contours of the paint can and ensuring all the paint gets mixed.
  • How it Works

    1. Attach the paint mixer gear to your drill chuck and secure it tightly.
    2. Insert the mixing head into the paint can, ensuring it doesn’t reach the bottom.
    3. Hold the drill handle firmly and turn on the drill at a moderate speed (around 300-500 RPM).
    4. Move the drill slowly up and down in the paint can to ensure all the paint gets mixed effectively.
    5. Avoid using high speeds as this can incorporate air bubbles into the paint.
    6. Once the paint is uniformly mixed, turn off the drill and slowly remove the mixer head.


    Paint mixer gears are primarily used for mixing various types of paints and coatings, including:

    • Latex paints
    • Enamel paints
    • Oil-based paints
    • Stains
    • Varnishes
    • Epoxies

    They are suitable for both household and professional painting jobs, ideal for mixing paint cans of up to around 5 gallons.

    Benefits of Using a Paint Mixer Gear

    • Ensures thorough and uniform mixing of paint for consistent color and finish.
    • Saves time and effort compared to manual stirring.
    • Reduces the risk of applying lumpy or uneven paint.
    • Helps prevent paint separation during storage.


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