INGCO PE-ACA-S-EY20 Air Cleaner Assy
INGCO PE-ACA-S-EY20 Air Cleaner Assy
INGCO PE-ACA-S-EY20 Air Cleaner Assy

INGCO PE-ACA-S-EY20 Air Cleaner Assy

INGCO PE-ACA-S-EY20 Air Cleaner Assy

INGCO PE-ACA-S-EY20 Air Cleaner Assy

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  • 【Compatibility】Air Cleaner with Filter Box Assembly for Robin EY15/EY20 13.3×8.6×4.5cm(5.2×3.4×1.8inch)(L x W x H)
  • 【Reliable Quality】Better Quality Choice. 
  • Material maded of iron
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INGCO PE-ACA-S-EY20 Air Cleaner Assy

The S-PE-ACA-S-EY20 Air Cleaner Assy, often abbreviated as air cleaner assy, is a system designed to remove contaminants from the air before it enters an engine or indoor environment. Here’s a breakdown of its description, applications, and functionality:


  • An air cleaner assy typically consists of a housing, a filter element, and sometimes additional components like seals, gaskets, and hoses.
  • The housing is a container that encloses the filter element and protects it from damage. It also channels airflow towards the filter.
  • The filter element is the core component, trapping dust, dirt, pollen, and other airborne particles. It can be made of paper, foam, or synthetic materials.


  • Air cleaner assemblies have a wide range of applications, including:
    • Internal combustion engines: In cars, trucks, lawnmowers, and other vehicles, air cleaners prevent dirt and debris from entering the engine, which can cause wear and tear and reduce performance.
    • HVAC systems: In homes and buildings, air cleaners improve indoor air quality by removing allergens, dust, and other pollutants from the air supply.
    • Industrial environments: In factories and workshops, air cleaners protect machinery from dust and other contaminants that can damage equipment.

How it Works:

  1. Air Intake: Contaminated air enters the air cleaner assembly through an inlet.
  2. Filtration: The air passes through the filter element. The filter traps contaminants based on its size and design.
    • Paper filters rely on a web of fibers to capture particles.
    • Foam and synthetic filters may use electrostatic properties to attract and hold dust.
  3. Clean Airflow: The cleaned air exits the assembly and enters the engine or indoor environment.

Additional Points:

  • Air cleaner assemblies require regular maintenance. The filter element needs to be replaced periodically to ensure optimal performance.
  • Different applications may have specific air cleaner assy designs. For example, high-performance car engines might use high-flow air filters to allow for more airflow while still providing adequate filtration.


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