INGCO S-AC-VP-AC755001 Valve Plate

INGCO S-AC-VP-AC755001 Valve Plate

INGCO S-AC-VP-AC755001 Valve Plate

INGCO S-AC-VP-AC755001 Valve Plate

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  • Item Condition: New
  • Brand: INGCO
  • Model: S-AC-VP-AC755001
  • Type: Valve Plate
  • Application: Tool/Industrial
  • Material: Steel/Aluminum Alloy
  • Packing: Carton Box/As Per Requested
  • Its Highly efficient.
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INGCO S-AC-VP-AC755001 Valve Plate

The INGCO S-AC-VP-AC755001 Valve Plate is a crucial component in air compressors. Let me provide you with some relevant information about valve plates and their features:

  1. Function of Valve Plates:
    • Valve plates play a vital role in the efficiency of HVAC/R compressors. They work in conjunction with suction valves to compress low-pressure suction gas into high-pressure discharge gas.
    • These plates act as seals between different pressure zones within the compressor, allowing refrigerant flow from low to high-pressure regions.
  2. Importance of Valve Plate Maintenance:
    • Over time, valve plates can wear due to normal use or specific issues such as excessive heat, pressure, dirt accumulation, damaged gaskets, vibration, or loose hardware.
    • Replacing worn valve plates is essential to maintain compressor performance and prevent energy consumption increase or premature compressor failure.
  3. Replacement Procedure:
    • Here’s a general guide on how to replace the valve plate on different compressor makes and models:
      1. System Preparation:
        • Start the system and front-seat the suction valve to pump down the compressor.
        • Stop the system and front-seat the discharge valve (never front-seat the discharge valve while the compressor is operating due to high pressure).
      2. Removing the Valve Plate:
        • Loosen the compressor head bolts gradually to release pressure from the discharge side.
        • Carefully remove the compressor head and gently lift the valve plate using a screwdriver (avoid hitting the valve plate on its side).
      3. Gasket Replacement:
        • Remove existing gasket material from surfaces.
        • Select the correct gasket that matches the cylinder bore and head precisely.
        • Some compressor models offer replacement valve plate kits with all necessary gaskets included.
      4. Reeds Replacement:
        • Always replace reeds with new ones.
        • Some valve plate assemblies have reeds mounted directly on the valve plate, while others have separate reeds.
        • Install the correct reeds that match the landing perfectly.

Remember that proper maintenance ensures optimal compressor performance and longevity. If you need further assistance, feel free to ASK HERE.


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