INGCO S-IW-HB-AIW11222-SP15 Hammering Block Replacement

INGCO S-IW-HB-AIW11222-SP15 Hammering Block Replacement

INGCO S-IW-HB-AIW11222-SP15 Hammering Block Replacement

KSh 4,320.00

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KSh 4,320.00

About this item

  • Brand New – INGCO
  • Replace part number: N866410 N880093 N851276 .It can also replace the older model N415875
  • Size(LxD): About 2.123×0.709 inch
  • Fits for 20V DCF899, DCF899B DCF899M1 DCF899P1 DCF899P2 Type 4 Cordless Impact Wrench
  • Compatible with: DCF899B Type 1, DCF899B Type 3, DCF899M1 Type 1, DCF899M1 Type 3, DCF899P1 Type 1, DCF899P1 Type 3, DCF899P2 Type 1, DCF899P2 Type 3
  • The newly upgraded impact hammer anvil has better performance, we have upgraded the anvil head, it is more convenient to replace the tool when using it than the old model, and the direct replacement of the old impact block will not damage the machine
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INGCO S-IW-HB-AIW11222-SP15 Hammering Block Replacement

Restore Impact Wrench Power: Ingco S-IW-HB-AIW11222-SP15 Hammering Block Replacement

The Ingco S-IW-HB-AIW11222-SP15 Hammering Block is a crucial component within your Ingco Impact Wrench. This block is the heart of the impact mechanism, transferring the rotational force from the motor into the hammering action that loosens and tightens stubborn nuts and bolts. A worn or damaged hammering block can significantly hinder the performance of your impact wrench.

Signs of a Faulty Hammering Block:

  • Reduced Power: A compromised hammering block may not be able to transfer force efficiently, resulting in a noticeable decrease in the wrench’s loosening and tightening torque.
  • Increased Noise: Wear and tear on the hammering block can lead to abnormal noises during operation.
  • Incomplete Operations: Insufficient hammering force due to a faulty block can make it difficult to fully loosen or tighten fasteners.

Renewed Impact Wrench Performance with Ingco S-IW-HB-AIW11222-SP15:

  • Restored Power and Torque: The new hammering block ensures optimal force transfer, delivering the necessary power for efficient loosening and tightening of even the most challenging fasteners.
  • Quieter Operation: A properly functioning hammering block minimizes noise generation during impact wrench operation.
  • Extended Wrench Lifespan: Replacing a worn-out hammering block prevents further damage to your impact wrench and safeguards other drivetrain components.

Compatibility Information:

  •  this S-IW-HB-AIW11222-SP15 Hammering Block is specifically compatible with the Ingco AIW11222 Impact Wrench model.

High-Quality Materials for Long-lasting Performance:

  • Durable Construction: Manufactured from high-grade materials, the Ingco S-IW-HB-AIW11222-SP15 Hammering Block is built to withstand the demanding impacts and forces encountered during typical use, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliable operation.

Invest in Regaining Impact Wrench Power: Order Your Ingco S-IW-HB-AIW11222-SP15 Hammering Block Today!

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