INGCO S-MS-S-BMS14002 Stator
INGCO S-MS-S-BMS14002 Stator
INGCO S-MS-S-BMS14002 Stator

INGCO S-MS-S-BMS14002 Stator

INGCO S-MS-S-BMS14002 Stator

INGCO S-MS-S-BMS14002 Stator

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  • Brand: INGCO
  • Model: S-MS-S-BMS14002
  • Type: Stator
  • Item Condition: New
  • Application: Tool/Industrial
  • Material: The stator is typically made of laminated iron cores to minimize current losses.
  • Winding: The stator winding consists of coils that carry alternating current, creating a rotating magnetic field.
  • Stator Teeth: These are the protruding sections of the stator core that help concentrate the magnetic flux.
  • Stator Slots: These slots accommodate the stator winding and facilitate efficient magnetic coupling.
  • Stator Case: The outer casing that encloses the stator assembly.
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INGCO S-MS-S-BMS14002 Stator

The INGCO S-MS-S-BMS14002 is a stator component used in power tools. Here are some details about it:

  1. Model: INGCO S-MS-S-BMS14002
  2. Voltage: 220-240V~50Hz
  3. Input Power: 1400W
  4. No-Load Speed: 2800rpm
  5. Blade Size: 255mm x 25.4mm
  6. Motor Type: Induction motor
  7. Mitre Cuts: 0-45° left and right
  8. Bevel Cuts: Up to 45° to the left
  9. Additional Features:
    • Comes with 2 extension bars
    • Includes 1 TCT blade
    • Equipped with a dust bag

The S-MS-S-BMS14002 stator is a critical component in electric motors, particularly in permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs). Let’s delve into its features:

  1. Stator Wave Windings:
    • The S-MS-S-BMS14002 stator employs an innovative winding concept known as stator wave windings. This design offers several advantages, especially when dealing with motors that have a high number of winding layers.
    • The key benefits include:
      • High Copper Slot Fill Factor: The winding design achieves a copper slot fill factor between 60% and 70%, ensuring efficient use of active material.
      • Short Winding Heads: By minimizing winding head lengths, the stator remains compact.
      • Optimal Heat Dissipation: A perfect fit between copper conductors and stator slots facilitates excellent heat dissipation, allowing for very high and permanently usable stator current densities.
      • Reduced Frequency-Dependent Stator Current Heat Losses: The goal is to minimize losses while optimizing noise levels and potentially enhancing electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) behavior.
  2. Fault Detection and Monitoring:
    • The S-MS-S-BMS14002 stator is equipped with methods for detecting stator winding faults (such as short-circuits). These methods rely on analyzing the stator phase current signal.
    • The following techniques are used:
      • Spectral Analysis: Examining the frequency components of the stator phase current.
      • Envelope Analysis: Monitoring the envelope of the stator current.
      • Discrete Wavelet Transform: Transforming the signal into different frequency bands.
    • These methods allow early detection of stator winding issues, contributing to motor reliability and performance.
  3. Application in PMSMs:
    • PMSMs, including those with the S-MS-S-BMS14002 stator, offer advantages such as high efficiency.

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