Padel Bat Aero -Star Lite – Diamond, Soft, 355g, Dunlop

Padel Bat Aero -Star Lite – Diamond, Soft, 355g, Dunlop

Padel Bat Aero -Star Lite - Diamond, Soft, 355g, Dunlop

Padel Bat Aero -Star Lite – Diamond, Soft, 355g, Dunlop

Original price was: KSh 47,590.00.Current price is: KSh 46,400.00.

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Original price was: KSh 47,590.00.Current price is: KSh 46,400.00.

  • Diamond Head Shape: Maximum power for smashes and volleys.
  • Soft Foam Core: Forgiving feel with some feedback for control development.
  • Tri-Clamp Reinforcement: Stability and control on powerful swings.
  • Lightweight (355g): Effortless power generation and faster reflexes.
  • Ideal for: Aggressive beginners who want power with comfort and control.
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Padel Bat Aero -Star Lite – Diamond, Soft, 355g, Dunlop

Dunlop Aero-Star Lite Padel Bat is the perfect weapon for aspiring padel champions who crave power but still value comfort and maneuverability. This lightweight racquet bridges the gap between beginner needs and aggressive playstyle, making it ideal for those taking their first steps towards dominating the court.


  • Diamond Head Shape: This head shape maximizes the sweet spot at the top of the paddle, perfect for beginners who are still refining their swing technique. The larger sweet spot translates to more forgiveness on off-center hits, allowing you to generate power even on imperfect strokes. Additionally, the diamond shape is a hallmark of power racquets, letting you unleash your inner powerhouse with forceful smashes and volleys that will surprise your opponents.
  • Soft Foam Core: The Aero-Star Lite strikes a balance between comfort and playability. While not as soft as ultra-soft cores, it provides a forgiving feel that absorbs impact and reduces vibrations, minimizing arm fatigue during those long rallies. This forgiving nature is crucial for beginners who are still developing their swing mechanics and may not have the strength for a firmer core. However, the core retains some stiffness compared to ultra-soft options, offering a bit more feedback on each shot. This subtle feedback can help beginners understand their technique and improve control over time.
  • Tri-Clamp Reinforcement: This innovative technology strategically reinforces the bridge of the racquet, creating exceptional stability. Minimized frame flex translates to more control over your shots, even on powerful swings. This is particularly beneficial for beginners who might struggle with maintaining control on forceful strokes. The Tri-Clamp reinforcement ensures your shots find their target, allowing you to develop confidence in your aggressive game.
  • Lightweight Design (355g): One of the key features of the Aero-Star Lite is its weight. Compared to heavier power racquets, the 355 grams feel light and maneuverable in your hand. This allows for faster swing speeds, making it easier for beginners to generate power without excessive effort. Additionally, the lightweight design promotes quicker reflexes and easier handling, crucial for developing agility and court coverage.


  • Effortless Power: The diamond head shape and lightweight design combine to create a racquet that allows you to generate impressive power with minimal effort. This is perfect for beginners who want to add some bite to their game without needing years of experience.
  • Comfort & Forgiveness: The soft core absorbs impact and minimizes vibrations, reducing arm fatigue and offering a forgiving feel on off-center hits. This keeps you comfortable on the court and allows you to focus on enjoying the game as you learn.
  • Control for Development: Despite the focus on power, the Tri-Clamp reinforcement ensures a surprising level of control. This allows you to develop your technique with confidence, knowing you can place your shots effectively.
  • Faster Learning Curve: The lightweight design and forgiving nature of the racquet make it easier to learn proper swing mechanics. This translates to a faster learning curve as you refine your skills and become a more dominant player.


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