Test Tube With Side Arm 16X125
Test Tube With Side Arm 16X125
Test Tube With Side Arm 16X125

Test Tube With Side Arm 16X125

Test Tube With Side Arm 16X125

Test Tube With Side Arm 16X125

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Original price was: KSh 230.00.Current price is: KSh 116.00.

Usage/Application Laboratory
Material Glass
Design Type Bottle
Type Of Glassware Borosilicate
Color Transparent
Is It Reusable Reusable
I Deal In New Only

LENGTH ;- 16 x 125 mm


Test Tube With Side Arm 16X125

This is a test tube with a side arm at 16 x 125 mm is a specific type of laboratory glassware designed for various tasks. Here’s a breakdown of its features and functionalities:


  • Main Tube: This is the primary cylindrical glass tube with a diameter of 16 mm and a length of 125 mm. It functions similarly to a regular test tube, useful for holding liquids, conducting reactions, or storing solutions.
  • Side Arm: A smaller glass tube extends at an angle from the main tube. The side arm’s diameter and length can vary depending on the manufacturer, but it’s typically narrower and shorter than the main tube. This side arm provides an additional access point for manipulating the contents of the test tube.


The side arm offers several advantages over a regular test tube, making it suitable for specific laboratory procedures. Here are some common applications:

  • Controlled Gas Introduction/Removal: The side arm allows for the introduction or removal of gases into the main test tube without disturbing the contents. This can be useful for:
    • Purging the test tube with an inert gas, like nitrogen, to prevent unwanted reactions with oxygen.
    • Introducing specific gas mixtures for chemical reactions.
  • Transferring Liquids: The side arm can facilitate the transfer of liquids from the test tube to another container without disturbing any particulates that may have settled at the bottom. By applying a slight vacuum or pressure to the side arm, you can control the flow of the liquid more precisely than simply pouring from the main tube.
  • Vacuum Applications: The side arm can be connected to a vacuum pump or filtration apparatus, allowing for the removal of gases or liquids from the main test tube. This might be necessary for procedures like filtering precipitates or drying samples.
  • Addition of Reagents: The side arm can be used to introduce small amounts of reagents or solutions into the main test tube during an experiment while the reaction is ongoing. This allows for better control over the reaction process and minimizes disruption to the main reaction mixture.


This test tubes is typically made from borosilicate glass, a type of glass known for its resistance to heat, chemicals, and scratches.


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